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OKAT Draft Lookalike Modeling - Top 10 Commentary (2135 Draft) $

Started by ThunderGM, September 15, 2022, 10:56:28 am

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1. Concetto Zuech, PG (6-2, 187lbs)
Usually we like our #1 HTML picks to be at least al dente, but Concentto Zuech is raw. This young Italian prospect has a ton of offensive upside but he's looked lost on defense. Even if he develops, his veteran comparison doesn't inspire a whole lot of confidence considering Richie King has played a grand total of 134 playoff minutes in his 8-year career that has primarily consisted of him riding the benches of various squads. At a CoMPS Score of 79% we can be quite confident that Zuech won't be striking much fear into the hearts of other teams barring a miracle - though I'm sure we'll eat those words when he turns into a 3-point sniper and then we'll queue the 'OKAT man yells at cloud' 3-point shooting rant.
Once Score - 4
Pro Comparison / CoMPS Score - Richie King / 79%

2. Otto Mack, SF (6-7, 230lbs)
I'm not sure if anyone has ever pondered what Charlie "Chuck and Cover" would look like with a 3-point game but we may well get a chance to see it. Mack's college stats are incredible: 38ppg, 57% from the field, AND 49% from the 3-point line?? He may not play a whole lot of defense but his scoring ability has shown unlimited upside. We may be getting ahead of the game here but we're feeling quiet confident "Otto Ma(ti)ck" will be giving RBSL defenses headaches for many years to come.
Once Score - 8
Pro Comparison / CoMPS Score - Charlie Cover / 69%

3. Anthony Saucedo, SG (6-4, 180lbs)
Saucedo has all the tools of a score-first guard but the question lies in whether he'll have the confidence to be a top scoring option, or will be a role player like his veteran comparison. Tad Delia was a FIBA transplant so we maybe haven't seen everything he's capable on the court but he's proven himself deserving of minutes on multiple playoff squads. In the context of a weak draft, that floor may be attractive enough to take high in the lottery.
Once Score - 6
Pro Comparison / CoMPS Score - Tad Delia / 79%

4. Richard Waldon, SF (6-7, 224lbs)
Arlen Mitchell has become the frontrunner for generic jack-of-all-trades wings that could be serviceable or just laughably bad. Dick Waldon, we'd argue, looks closer to the laughably bad camp as he lacks the athleticism of previous Arlen Mitchell compares.
Once Score - 7
Pro Comparison / CoMPS Score - Arlen Mitchell / 72%

5. Ted Gillen, C (7-4, 224lbs)
Gillen has all the tools: athleticism, rebounding, defense, all in a 7-4 package. Just like his veteran counterpart, he's likely to be an effective offensive presence, with the caveat that his offensive game is limited to putback dunks and dump off passes. We don't think that limitation should dissuade a GM from acquiring Ted, however, as he looks to have the highest floor of anyone the HTML Top Ten.  After all, you can't teach height.
Once Score - 7
Pro Comparison / CoMPS Score - Proteus Boulos / 71%

6. Jason Jones, PG (5-10, 181lbs)
Speaking of height, Lil' JJ who stands at just 5-10 is at the opposite end of the spectrum as Ted Gillen. Jones is arguably the most skilled offensive players we saw at our workouts and, despite being completely unaware of the existence of the 3-point shot, shined in his craftiness inside the arc. Barry Allen was the first player that came to mind as a comparison and, even though the CoMPS Score here is below the statistically significant level of 65%, it feels like a pretty good match purely from the eye test. Allen has never really made his way into a meaningful role in the league and has even lacked in his D-League appearance... Lil' JJ seems destined for the same fate.
Once Score - 10
Pro Comparison / CoMPS Score - Barry Allen / 64%

7. Seth Lee, SG (6-6, 202lbs)
Tony Mitchum is becoming a staple of veteran comparisons for controversial guards, much like Arlen Mitchell is for wings. In this case we think Seth Lee stacks up relatively well versus his veteran counterpart. Lee looks like he can contribute on the defensive end while not being quite as much of a ball hog on offense. At 6-6 (plus a solid vertical), he may even have some offensive versatility to his game beyond being just an outside scorer (where Mitchum gets most of his volume).
Once Score - 7
Pro Comparison / CoMPS Score - Tony Mitchum / 71%

8. Eugune Cyr, PG (6-3, 202lbs)
Maybe we were being harsh we were calling HTML #1 prospect Concetto Zuech raw because he practically looks like a hardened RBSL veteran next to Eugune Cyr. In interviews, Gene has been constantly talking himself up as the next RBSL great and now we're (mockingly) calling him Eugune "the Seer" as that's how it would take to see that far into the future. To his credit, Gene has a flattering veteran comparison of Fernando Pancorbo who was also quite raw (and 21) coming into the league, and has turned into quite a nice player with time.
Once Score - 4
Pro Comparison / CoMPS Score - Fernando Pancorbo / 75%

9. Broderick Lewis, SF (6-10, 187lbs)
When your best feature is your mid-range game, the modern RBSL is probably not going to be kind to you. At an Once Score of 10 and CoMPS Score of 64%, OKAT isn't terribly helpful here but going off the eye test you probably wouldn't put Broderick Lewis quite this high on your draft board. The one redeeming quality about Broderick's game may be his potential in man-to-man defense as he's shown the ability to guard across the 2-4 position - and even an occasional PG or C.
Once Score - 10
Pro Comparison / CoMPS Score - Wendell Roberts / 64%

10. Donn Fillmore, PG (6-3, 206lbs)
You may think Rickey Baldwin as a comparison should inspire confidence for Donn Fillmore's career outlook but just remember: this is compared to Rickey Baldwin now. Rickey is no doubt one of the league's best guards of the last decade but his production has fallen off a cliff and it's not encouraging that Fillmore fits that mold. To be sure, Fillmore projects to matchup quite well against Rickey Baldwin's peak defensive production but he lacks a lot of the offensive polish of a prime Rickey Baldwin. Similar to a lot of guard prospects in this draft, Fillmore is quite raw and could benefit from a few years in the d-league before he can start to play real RBSL minutes and perhaps he can prove this comparison wrong in time.
Once Score - 3
Pro Comparison / CoMPS Score - Rickey Baldwin / 75%