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RBSL Teams as NFL Teams: West Edition $

Started by 76ersGM Jack, September 05, 2022, 09:58:16 am

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76ersGM Jack

September 05, 2022, 09:58:16 am Last Edit: September 17, 2022, 05:50:43 am by ThunderGM
We interrupt your arguing about Zion to present the final half of the RBSL teams as NFL teams, 2022 edition. Picking up where we left off with the Western Conference:

Jazz: Kansas City Chiefs

The Jazz and Chiefs both started this off-season as easily the best teams in their conference, even if their previous season didn't work out. With a loaded team, they then proceeded to make a series of head-scratching moves that didn't make them bad, but definitely worse than they were.

Nuggets: Las Vegas Raiders

A team who has had consistently decent seasons goes out and shockingly grabs a top-five player that nobody expected to be available. The problem is, they could easily still be the 3rd best team in their division. It remains to be seen how good they will be, but they will be a force in the post-season

Thunder: Los Angeles Chargers

Continuing with the AFC West/North West comparison, these two are young (Cody that is, not his roster), scrappy teams who are on the cusp of putting it together. Problem is, they are in the worst possible division to succeed. Will they make it out on top? Probably not. But regardless, they'll be a hell of a lot of fun to watch.

Trail Blazers: Tennessee Titans

We have been blessed with watching the biggest freak of nature in this league dominate on their own, but it's been too much. Sure it's fun to see the stats they put up, but a series of poor decision making and a failure to properly build around them has led them to mediocrity and ruining the prime of a potential All-Time great. Also, the Tannehill/Zhili comparison was too good to pass up.

Timberwolves: Jacksonville Jaguars

Both franchises with a loveable GM/Coach at the front, everyone is just rooting for them to succeed. Their plan is unclear, spending a mass amount of cap on players that arne't hepling them win, but their draft capital and young core are intact.

Suns: New England Patriots

This once dynasty is trying to find itself in the new era. They spent big but it really doesn't look to be clicking. They'll make the playoffs, but nothing about their team looks like a championship contender or potentially one in a few seasons, but you still don't want to play them.

Clippers: Cleveland Browns

They finally looked to be getting it together, after decades of embarrassment they had a plan and legitimate hope. Instead of just trusting it, they push their chips all in on one of the worst moves this league has ever seen. Now they're back to square one, already projecting to be over the cap for the next three seasons with no cap space. We should have figured.

Warriors: Carolina Panthers

After some really fun years and championship appearances, these teams are trying to find a new identity. They did bring back a fan favorite although they are a shell of themselves, but things are on the come-up. Their leader is a fan favorite for his personality, and they have both draft capital and some cap flexibility moving forward.

Sonics: Baltimore Ravens

Both teams have stars running their offense, but the rest of the group seems quite murky. They have always had success and their execution has been good, but it's unclear what their next step is. They lost some key players but still look to be in the hunt to win their division against all odds.

Lakers: Indianapolis Colts

Nobody will ever understand what what's going on here. They have some talented players but previous events have made them a laughing stock despite that old era being ousted. It's up to them to change the narrative and get back to their successful roots, but it remains to be seen.

Grizzlies: Tampa Bay Buccaneers

The Evil Empire strikes again. The story was great once 20 years ago when they had nothing, but here we are like 18 titles later, all miserable and dealing with it. They aren't the undisputed champs they once were, but will always be a force until they're bored with the league.

Rockets: Buffalo Bills

What better way to improve a contender than to bring in one of the best players in the world who everyone expected to stay put? This team will be a contender in an extremely difficult conference because they are just that good.

Mavericks: Washington Commanders, again

The NFL is so competitive this season these last few tanking teams were hard to find unique comparisons to. Both teams backed up the brinks truck to someone the WHOLE league knew would be a terrible idea, but they remained steadfast in their ways. To nobody's surprise, they suck, and their future sucks as well.

Pelicans: 2021 Philadelphia Eagles

Nobody expected much out of this team, but even with their flaws they have such likeable people running their team. Their cap situation might be bad, but their draft capital and young core is great. It'll take some time, but they should be back in the mix soon enough.

Spurs: The 1989 Dallas Cowboys

Unsatisfied with a star player and knowing it wouldn't go anywhere, this team conducted a massive trade in the moment, that quickly became realized as one of the best trades in league history. For reference, the Cowboys acquired

4 players
3 firsts
2 seconds
1 third

All for a player who would never do anything following that season, the picks turned into Emmitt Smith and various other key players. Will Mantis have that level of luck? We shall see.