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New FA Schedule

Started by ClippersGM, August 19, 2022, 11:55:18 am

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New FA Schedule (Starting in the 2134/35 Off-Season)

FA1: Days 1-2
FA2: Days 3-5
FA3: Days 6-10
FA4: Days 11-30

Over the past several seasons we have been tracking when the majority of Free Agency signings occur.

No one ever signs on Day 1.
Max-offers tend to sign on Day 2.
Leftover Max-offers tend to sign Days 3/4.
MLE+ offers typically all sign on Day 5 (with the occassional hold-outs).
Mins start to flood Free Agency on Day 6.

With this trend in signings, we are reshaping the days we run Free Agency through in order to have better predictability in offering for players and to avoid overly strong Play-4-Winner teams stealing otherwise valuable players for mins during FA2.

This will be a trial run for NEXT Off-Season after which we will re-evaluate if there is significant negative push-back.
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