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Author Topic: Sports Simulated: Wilford Nichols and the Impossible Task  (Read 119 times)


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Sports Simulated: Wilford Nichols and the Impossible Task
« on: August 10, 2019, 04:50:46 PM »

WASHINGTON D.C. - When Jeremy Clark stepped down as head coach of the Washington Wizards after multiple years of success, the District was shocked, however the overwhelming response was gratitude and understanding. The second Clark was told that the Wizards were selling their pieces and nosediving into a rebuild, he knew his time was up and it was time for a new face in Washington.

According to league sources, the Wizards conducted interviews with a total of 10 candidates. The men interviewed were Emerson Soto, David Day, Jerome Achterberg, Erich List, Bradley Chang, Trevor Irish, Parker Fagan, Louis Hiscock, Burt Smith, and Wilford Nichols. When the interview process was complete, eight of the candidates turned down the position, after hearing of the Wizards plan, which left two; Burt Smith and Wilford Nichols.

After a 15-minute discussion between the two remaining members of the organization, general manager Brian Jacobs and owner Randell Randall chose Wilford Nichols for the job. After meeting with Nichols, the Wizards were not done talking with Burt Smith, who they left extremely impressed with. Smith accepted a role with the team as a special advisor to the Wizards, and it has nothing to do with the fact that his son is really good and in the upcoming draft.

So, why did Wilford Nichols accept a position where he would be destined to fail? His response was perfect.

--My name was painted in the color failure,-- Nichols told reporters during his introductory press conference. --I know all about this process. My first year with the Wizards was at the beginning of their reload to relevancy. I am ready to put my package on the table and show them how big it and my heart is.--

Nichols was clear about the direction of the team. It most likely won't be a one-year fix. It may not be a two-year fix. Nichols was informed by Jacobs and Randall that this could be a three-year tank, for the lack of a better term. The team and its overall goal is to load up on young prospects and picks, and identify the core pieces before making a push for another eastern conference title and a second championship.

--I am a patient dude,-- Nichols said at the presser. --When they told me what the plan was, I knew I would be perfect. This is my first time coaching a professional basketball team, so it will give me time to learn; plus, I will get a first-row seat with the ability to watch my kids play,-- Nichols joked.

Through the next few seasons, Wilford Nichols explained that his plan is to build a culture. He said that he understands the team will lose fans, respect, and there will be a media backlash. But, for the fans that remain, Nichols explained that the offseasons will be fun, especially for the --nerds-- which Wilford Nichols targeted a few times in his multiple interviews since accepting the job.

Basically, he acknowledged that the on-court product is going to be slop, but the offseasons will be action-packed with a lot of movement. Part of the reason Nichols took over as head coach was due to the influence management will allow him to have behind the scenes.

--I am pretty awkward in general,-- Nichols told the media. --I think people have caught on to that. Whenever I was not playing basketball and when I am not coaching, I like to read, study analytics, and I am actually working on finishing up at Yale to get my physics degree.--

Nichols then looked at the crowd and explained that he was just kidding about that physics degree part, let out a laugh, but the media room did not react. Complete silence swept the room. There was darkness, much like the next few years in Washington.

After about 15 seconds of awkward silence. Nichols broke the silence with another awkward laugh, and then went on to explain how he loves analytics and will help Jacobs and Randell make decisions on the fly. However, Nichols understands that the goal will continue to be centered around the long term path.
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Re: Sports Simulated: Wilford Nichols and the Impossible Task
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