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Author Topic: Smallwood Hayes - Gigi is tired  (Read 96 times)


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Smallwood Hayes - Gigi is tired
« on: August 13, 2019, 11:13:14 AM »

Rumors are swirling around the practice facility that Gary Griffin is wearing down from the immense load that he has taken on for the 76ers and may need to be shut down for a bit to recoup. Griffin is currently ranked third in all star voting at Center in the Eastern conference and has made no secret of his desire to become the first player to become an all star at all 5 positions. But the weight of that campaign seems to be taking a physical toll on his body.

Griffin has been noticeably slower of late and while his production has been surprising given his height disadvantage he seems to be showing signs of his age.

honestly if you had told me the night i was drafted i would play all 5 positions in this league id have laughed at you. But once i got in my first training camp and coach thompson told me he wanted me to try to play point guard i was intrigued. Said Griffin earlier in the season.

Griffin, who turns 34 in april, was drafted out of Indiana as a small forward. The 6 ft 6 player was a specimen of athleticism with the rare qualities of speed and strength. As a rookie he was paired with Madut Kiplagat to form a duo that lasted 12 seasons together and won 4 titles. Over those 12 seasons the roster around Madut and Griffin changed and Griffin was asked to play all positions from Point Guard to Power Forward. He has made 12 all star games in his first 12 seasons and accomplished that feat at 4 different positions.

to be honest once i got my all star at power forward i always wanted to complete the cycle. The issue was we were winning so much and Madut was here and why mess with what works. Now that Maddie isnt here and we arent really competing for a playoff spot, coach approached me about trying this Center thing. I figured, if it helps guys develop why not.

So how is it going so far? well the 76ers are dreadful losing virtually every night by 30 points. The young players are struggling mightily for the most part despite Griffin playing solid defense combining for 3.7 stocks ( steals and blocks) which is the second best of his career. Adding to that Griffin is averaging just 15 points per game and 7 rebounds for a team that is barely scoring 75 points total per night. That scoring percentage would be by far the highest of his career. But it is taking a toll

i mean its tough, my knees arent what they used to be, and neither is my back. For the rest of my career i was either too fast or too big for the guy i was facing, now im getting leaned on nightly by 300 pound guys and giving up 6 inches of height. Griffin said wistfully before grinning and saying I mean i guess i know now what Johnny Barber and Dicky Bender felt like all those years going against me

As he walked away, an assistant coach looked over and said quietly, Hes heading to the cold tub now, he basically lives in there now. Something has to change or he may not make it past the all star break

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Re: Smallwood Hayes - Gigi is tired
« Reply #1 on: September 06, 2019, 10:37:37 AM »

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