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Hornets Trade Nest

Started by Warriors Max, May 27, 2023, 04:40:20 am

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Warriors Max

I'm currently relaxing by the ocean in Clearwater. The team certainly does not appreciate it. Therefore they all must go:

Saucedo: Not opposed to holding him if not for an offer that I can't say no too. He has experience riding out teams. 3/D can play either guard spot. Check his SFPS stats for when he was playing PG. Looking for future picks more than prospects because a long rebuild might be in order.

Caban: extremely unique. Only 28, locked up, inside out scorer with A's in blocks and rebounds. Shooting 63% TS this year on 19 ppg, 10 rebounds and 1.6 blocks. Looking for worthwhile pieces

Threadgill: slow tall dude who rebounds and scores decently. Strong as bull. Cheap to acquire.

Brown: athletic as anyone else in league. Play him at PF. Cheap to acquire.

Valdez: A defender with A blocks (lol) at guard. Can play 1-3. Cheap to acquire.

Hardunkichud: dudes name is hard chub. What more is needed. Blocks. Super efficient. Decent boards. Touches everyone. Cheap to acquire.

Jules Jimenez: elite rebounder with A psd and A+ strength.

Everyone else is super cheap to obtain too
I was only good because I had the GuOAT, that much is clear now
Past championships do not indicate future success