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Getting the Program and DAT

Started by GrizzliesGM, February 27, 2022, 08:09:58 am

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February 27, 2022, 08:09:58 am Last Edit: February 22, 2023, 04:39:47 pm by ClippersGM
The old way of doing this with the FBB3 forum and the jailbreak and the updates and a bunch of other garbage is completely dead and has been removed. Like literally they deleted the whole forum account lmao. We have to pay for it now, but it literally takes like 10-20 minutes total (and as of at least 8/2022 it's down to $24.95 woooooo)

Step One: Install Instructions:
1. Go here:

2. Scroll down on the right and click "Full Download"

3. Once downloaded, run it- "FBPB3Setup.exe". This will put the icon on your desktop. Use the default file path and developer name and whatever it asks about- you don't need to change anything.

4. Open the program (you might have to right click and "run as administrator" to get it to open)

5. Enter your information and pay for the game. It's $24.95 last I looked and you can do a credit card. The font and weird small box and how ancient the interface is makes it looks like a total scam. I am very aware. Submit to Brian Nichols. He has yet to steal my identity.

6. When payment is confirmed, you should be able to open the game like a normal human.

Step Two: Loading The File

1. With the game open, click "NEW" in the top left corner.

2. Enter anything into the "Save Name" field (I chose RBSL when I did it just in case I lost it lol), click on "US Basketball League" below in the "Available Leagues" section, and click the "Activate" button in the bottom right. Then click "Continue".

3. You need to put the RBSL file (downloaded from ) in your save folder.  To do that, open the game, click "Load," click "Open Folder," and your computer should open the folder. Your previously created league/folder should be visible. Open that folder and paste that league.dat in it. It must be titled exactly that. It won't work if it says "league(1).dat" if you downloaded multiple dats for example. Just the one dat. "league.dat" or a dat file titled "league". That's it. When you do this in the future, it will ask to overwrite when you paste, and you should say yes.

4. Return to FBB3 with your file pasted, and try loading that league. The file should be there for the program to run.

(Previous Pom troubleshooting that I don't know is still accurate or not so I left it:
If when you click "Open Folder" it doesn't take you to a "leaguedata" folder, or you follow the steps and it just doesn't work, you will need to create a league first to generate the proper folders. Alternatively, you can manually create an "RBSL" folder in the leaguedata folder; the file path will be something like: C:\Users\Public\Documents\GDS\Fast Break Pro Basketball 3\leaguedata  )

Step Three: Uploading / The FTP

The way the sim works is the commish (as of 2129, Idoine/Pom) runs the sim, and we need to send our changes to him to compile into the master file. The way that works is like this:
1.  He will upload the sim file, which outputs to
2.  You download that file, and copy it over into the RBSL folder we created in the "Loading The File" step above.
3.  Load the RBSL save after you have replaced your old .dat file with the new .dat file.
4.  Log in with your provided password. Make whatever changes you are making, such as editing your depth chart. When you're done editing either your Depth Chart or Gameplan, make sure you click Exit before doing anything else. This ensures your changes are saved. If you just go and click another tab to the left without clicking one of those two options, it WILL NOT save your changes.
5. Please note that trades and in-season player FA signings are done by posting in the correct forum, and then the commish will make the changes in the program. This is to ensure the correct chronological ordering of transactions.
6.  Once you have made your changes, save your game. Then, click "Team Setup" from the menu on the left under the "Team Info" header. Click "Export team file to FTP". All done!

If you're unable to upload to ftp or you receive an error, ask.

This was copied and subsequently modified from the old forum by Adam (Grizz). Utah's Chris Pom wrote it initially with pieces about jailbreaking the program and such. Here is the podcast that was produced at that time (6 years ago) with Pom and the former commish at the time, Koenig. Things have changed significantly in the last  50+ seasons (seriously they made it 6 years ago), but if you prefer video/podcasting format, it still has a lot of good stuff to get some bearings:

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