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Waiver rules

Started by JazzGM, February 06, 2022, 02:33:39 pm

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February 06, 2022, 02:33:39 pm Last Edit: April 07, 2022, 07:56:51 am by JazzGM
If a GM wishes to cut a player presently under contract at $5,000,000 between the final day of free agency (aka Corn Day) through the final day of the regular season, they must be posted in the Waivers subforum.  Waiving a player costs 500 TBD, regardless of whether they're recently signed or not. The post must have in the title the name of the player, and the team waiving them.

Players are not allowed to be waived during the playoffs. Players who would normally incur waivers who are cut during the off-season, excluding the final day of free agency, are allowed to be cut with no penalty beyond dead cap as these players enter the Free Agency pool to be bid on by other teams.

Once the player is posted, teams can reply in that thread that they want the player.  Preference is given based on where the team finished the previous season, as shown in the previous season's draft ranking as accessed in the archives (whether the team held their own pick the previous season is irrelevant). When the season hits December 15th, the waiver order becomes based on current standings; once again determined by the "Draft Preview" order. Each sim the order will adjust with the standings.

Waiver Claims will be separated into 3 "Tiers". Each Tier will last for 24 hours. If no one claims a player in the 1st tier, it moves to the 2nd, followed by the 3rd. If a player is not claimed in any 3 Tiers, they become an unrestricted FA. The waiving team is hit with the full cut salary charge regardless of which tier a player is taken. Team Option years for recently signed Free Agents will be treated as guaranteed salary for cutting purposes. A 500 TBD fine (in addition to the 500 TBD Flat Tax on waiving a player) also exists to waive a recently signed FA.

Tier 1: Full Claim - A team claims the full year 1 salary of the player (any further years are removed). A team making this claim must have the room under the hard cap at the end of the sim for the waiver to be processed (Waivers will be processed after cuts/signings and trades). If you do not, your waiver claim is nullified.

Tier 2: 50% Claim - If no one claims a player during Tier 1, the next 24-hour round is for half of the player's year 1 salary (again, future years are removed). The same cap restrictions from Tier 1 apply here. You must have the cap space to add them.

Tier 3: Minimum - If no one claims a player during the first 2 Tiers, the final Tier will be to get the player on a 1-year minimum. This tier will also last 24-hours. A 500 TBD processing fee will be applied to add a waived player to a minimum.

A team can claim one player off of waivers per season.

Once the player is waived, they cannot be deactivated nor cut by the waiving team. They must stay on the team and be active (with tanking rules applied where applicable). The Commish will cut the player from your team to make sure the cut-salary is correct.

Claimed players cannot be cut nor traded at any point of the season. Also, on the occasion that a waived player offers an extension, the claiming team CANNOT negotiate with them during the season unless it was a Tier 1 Waiver claim. You also CANNOT remove a player from waivers once you have nor can you remove a claim.

RFA note: just as players who were signed away from another team during RFA cannot be traded, they similarly cannot be waived or cut.
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