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August 05, 2021, 05:08:46 pm


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Eliminating Loyalty/Greed Adjusting Via TBD

Started by SonicsGM, November 08, 2019, 07:42:40 pm

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I would like to propose a rule change, which would eliminate the ability for GM's to use their TBD to adjust players Loyalty and Greed ratings.

Generally speaking, I think too many protections exist for allowing GM's to deny other teams access to their players. The NBA (and RBSL) already have built-in protections to help teams keep players, like super-max deals and bird rights. In addition, the RBSL has implemented TBD extensions which further serve to allow teams to protect their players. I think these protections are sufficient and do not provide too much value in exchange for the cost of using them. However, I believe that TBD rating adjustments provide an unnecessary amount of value to GM's with very little downside (TBD is an endless resource). Here are a few reasons I believe TBD rating adjustments are too powerful:

  • TBD rating adjustments last for players entire career. For a the avg good quality player, that is a 10+ year impact, while that same player may need 3-4 TBD extensions over that same amount of time.

  • TBD rating adjustments make super-maxes unbeatable. This is anecdotal, but there are notable key examples of this working (maybe more experienced players can provide examples of players moving away in FA after having their ratings updated).

I think removing TBD adjustments will help promote a more realistic FA ecosystem, while not really adding any downside to the league. Players changing teams are a fact of life, and I still firmly believe that supermax deals + TBD extensions are more than enough power for GM's to heavily improve their odds of keeping super star players. In addition, Greed/Loyalty ratings are public knowledge, so GM's can take in account a players ratings when Signing/Drafting a player, which I think adds more fun to the game.

Proposed Implementation
If this rule is approved, I'd propose we wait to enact this rule for 2 years. This will give GM's time to upgrade ratings for any players before the rule is imposed, so that everyone has a fair chance to take advantage of the currently existing rule.