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August 05, 2021, 04:54:17 pm


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Best Trade Blocks of 2120

Started by RocketsBryant, July 20, 2021, 10:21:41 pm

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July 20, 2021, 10:21:41 pm Last Edit: July 22, 2021, 03:13:55 pm by BullsGM
Trading is the most fun part of this game, followed closely by playoff strategizing. Not surprisingly, those two things often go hand-in-hand. It's hard to be a successful team in this league without making some major (and then additionally not-so-major) trades. Even GMs known for their patience (Adam) have made big trades over the years to keep dynasties afloat (or even to acquire cheat codes that kick off the dynasties).

One of the fun parts of trades are the trade blocks. The blocks often reveal the personalities of the GMs in unique ways. Some people play this game in a state of constant "bored"om - and it gets reflected in their boring blocks. Others like to get "wet" - once again, abundantly clear in their blocks. So what are some of the best blocks we've seen over the last year? Let's break it down.

10. Jack Tolman Block-and-Run

Tolman blocked his whole team, hoping to reshape his team in his own image. Tolman did this on July 4th - quite possibly a top 3 day of the year where the least amount of fellow GMs will be sitting on WhatsApp considering trade options, due to family time. Tolman didn't receive the offers he wanted within an hour. Tolman rage quits. Classic.

9. Brian Jack-obs

Brian, the master of the block, followed up the Tolman block-and-run with a threat of his own. In a witty and relevant way, it made me look at Rusty one more time so...mission accomplished?

8. Manny Meyer, German Sensation

If Marco asks if a guy is German, you find a way - like Max did here - to make a guy German. Well played.

7. Flipadelphia

Jack Connell once acquired Zion Williamson with the sole intention of flipping him. That didn't go so well. So this season? He went back to the well for a proven strategy and did it again, acquiring Bussard with the sole intention of flipping him. #IsThisThirty?

6. Pom's Away

Erosa was available for 2nds. He also had to be moved before Dec. 15. Uh oh, multiple blocks mean Pom may not have any offers on him. Problem? Nah. Not with the Rockets GM around. Oh wait? The Rockets GM couldn't have him entirely because of spite? Then by all means, hold onto him illegally for an extra sim and pay to get rid of him instead of collecting the 2nd round picks you originally asked for.

5. Crisp Beer does not equal Crisp Decisions

Guys like Gale Thomas and PWill have been blocked liked 72 times, it feels like. They're still on the team. But this was definitely top-level Tim blocking. I don't even know what that beer is (is it even beer? cider?), but I was absolutely more intrigued by it than by players I know won't actually ever get moved this side of 30.

4. Doc's Coeds

This had as much to do with the perfect gif response from Max as it did the block by Doc. But greatness nonetheless.

3. Doc is a true gif-t to the league

This was just awesomely creative and well done. Effective? Probably not. But appreciated for sure.

2. The Show Me State

The best part of any Jesse block (or message in general) is the fun of trying to interpret it. Doc does so perfectly here.

1. Oops...hehe

I don't know why, but I think this is one of the more impressive intentional troll jobs of all time. Janez has blocked Everett more than Tim blocks his team - but to no avail. I happen to know it's not because he hasn't gotten offers. But apparently they're not for as much as he thinks Everett is worth. So in this "oops hehe" moment, Janez showed us what he actually thinks Everett's value should be - that of one of the goats. Hehe indeed, Janez, hehe indeed.
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