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February 27, 2021, 04:37:04 am


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LA Scouting Agency (LASA) 2116 Mock Draft

Started by ClippersGM, February 23, 2021, 02:17:49 am

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When the 2116 Draft was announced (several seasons back) it looked like it was going to be a dud, but after taking a deep dive into the draft, there is a surprising amount of depth to be had here. It's definitely not a top heavy super-star draft, but there are role players galore. Let's take a look at Adam's grandmother, specifically.

For those unfamiliar with the scoring system, read below*. To recap the Lottery Score, Winner's Circle, and Ratio scores, they are as follows. The Lottery score is essentially a draft grade, how good is this draft compared to others. Coming in at 65.87 (higher is better) this draft is THE BEST DRAFT OF ALL TIME (or deepest, at least). We are in the era of super-charged drafts! Which is good, right Alex? Most drafts grade somewhere between 63 and 65. Our Winner's Circle (the average rating of our top 3 prospects) comes in at 69.11 which is very mediocre, once again proving that it's not Top-Heaviness that makes this draft so good, it's the depth. LASA is having a tough time with this draft and the HTML's ranking of players, mainly because, it disagrees nearly entirely with the HTML, let's see who's right.

Erma Louise - Adam's sweet grandmother is such a gem. She's an elite 3pt shooter, can pass well, quick, great foul avoidance. She isn't tall though, and isn't terribly athletic (strong or great at jumping). This can often bode poorly for a slip during TC, she seems very reliant on not having a -TC to stay useful, but LASA projects her to be the best player in this draft and ready to go from Day 1.

Douglas Haga - I need to write into the LASA code a bigger point reduction for being a midget. Haga is 5'7" - he's not going to be good. LASA Thinks he's the best pure PG in this draft. Go home model, you're drunk.

John Reyes - Ah yes... Jumpshot heavy, poor athletics, and bad handles/passing - a recipe for success. I imagine Jack will draft this player and ask Idoine to help him gameplan around his crappy shot-chart. Yuck.

Jaime Appling - Haime has the case of the "who are you"s. He's got C's in nearly every potential attribute, he's not elite at... anything. Let's hope he's low usage so he can just become a really solid defender with decent FT shooting, otherwise he's going to fizzle out in a league dominated by elite niche players.

You may notice that I've Blacked-Out all of the rest of the LASA Scores. They're still there for calculations, but this game thrives off of uncertainty. I've replaced the LASA Score with new LASA Grades**(See Below)**. This will add an element of mystery and hopefully some position-specific decision making that our draft boards have been missing.

*The LASA Score: The score you see listed is on a scale of 1-100, 100 being a "Perfect" player. This score is actually an average score between 4 separate scores, all on a 100pt scale. Those 4 scores include: Positional Ability, Positional Potential, Overall Ability, and Overall Potential. As we know all draft picks are not created equally and that youth matters as well, each score is also adjusted post-average by the players age, with neutral set at age 22, giving 0.5pts per year under 22 to each young player, and subtracting 0.5pts per year over age 22. This score was first applied to the entire league for internal validation and has been highly correlated with player performance and subjective player rankings from several sources.

**NEW GRADES: The LASA Grades are described as follows. Most prospect Overall scores, as mentioned above, fall between 45 and 72. As such, those scores were batched and converted into letter grades with a color scheme that is similar to our FBB3 color scheme. Additionally, each prospect is given a "Big Grade" and a "Guard Grade". This position specific grade attempts to help GMs see that while their prospect might not be an overall powerhouse, their skills may be perfect for a certain position, this was done because LASA, in its formulaic nature, has a preference for SFs and their "Overall" above average but not great at anything existence. Hope you enjoy.
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