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January 22, 2021, 11:14:22 pm


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2114 Sim 1: Suck or Bust

Started by SonicsGM, January 13, 2021, 12:11:38 pm

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January 13, 2021, 12:11:38 pm Last Edit: January 14, 2021, 09:56:11 am by BullsGM
Nets: Rick didn't just go 5-2 with two elite wins against the Rockets and Blazers, he also didn't ruin his team with stupid losses. Early signs are that we could have a competitive eastern conference contender in Brooklyn, which would be the greatest thing this league has seen in decades. How?  Iguanaman and Dandy Sandy have both put up monster numbers so far. Somehow it looks like Rick might not even need Quirk to win, who was a giant disappointment so far.

Pistons: I, and the win total projections, didn't have a lot of love for Detroit, but Janez went ahead and slapped us all by going 9-1 with wins against the Cavs, Pacers and Hornets. How? Insane increase is offensive efficiency from anyone who shot the ball with volume. Merle Chan, John Hogan, and Daren Geller are all posting insane career-high numbers. There will be regression, but this sim alone got Janez 20% of the way to a playoff berth in the east. Well done.

Sonics: Seattle was expected to be a good, but not great team this season, but this Sim was better than great. Wins against the Hawks, Grizz, and Hornets and an undefeated 8-0 record make the NorthWest the way too early western 1 seed. How? Bruce Williams has elevated his offensive game notably, increasing his PPG by ~50%. Daniel Walsh is over 60% TS. With more offensive options beyond Gel, maybe this is a team to worry about.

Magic: I think many folks (me included) had the magic as an early dark horse. Now the horse is dead. Ken did have an absolute monster of a schedule to deal with, but losing by 25 to the Mavs, Wiz, and Heat is still underperforming for what this team could be. What went wrong? Brian Wilson isn't scoring the ball like he used to in Boston, he's down to paltry 21 PPG, and it shows. The Magic have the 21st ranked offense after sim 1, which ain't gonna cut it. Brian Wilson wants the ball, and he's going to score.

Hornets: The Michael Campbell show was hyped up all offseason, and it's now disappointed twice. It didn't work in SFPS, and it's not working now. In particular, losing to the Knicks in back-to-back games was a real ugly way to start the season. What went wrong? Despite it being the Michael Campbell show, his usage still isn't high enough. At 28 USG, he is short of the minimum 30 USG superstar threshold you'd want to see. As expected, his total lack of a big man has left his defense ranked 16th, despite Campbell being an all-Defense level player. Tim now will be fighting for Oliver for the 8th seed it appears.

Nuggets: This is a reverse suck, but a suck, nonetheless. Evan has already committed to playing the tank game to try and lock up a 3rd star to play with Connolly and Sammy White via the draft, but this sim showed it might not work. Picking up a win against the Lakers, and nearly beating the 6-1 Cavs, the writing is on the wall that this team is too good to tank. Evan is looking at a likely 7-9 lotto position, which is very ugly for a team committing to a yearlong hard tank.


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