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Playoff Injury Proposal

Started by BullsGM, December 08, 2020, 11:44:06 am

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This passed a committee vote of 3-2 meaning it is put to the league. At least 20 GM's need to vote on this proposal, and 2/3rds of those who vote must approve in order for this to pass

New Rule Proposal: Reducing Playoff Injury Time

Any injury of 14 to 8 days of time missed, will be reduced to 7 days (making them D2D) at the start of each playoff round.

For example, at the start of round 1, Austin Pecker is injured for 12 days. His injury is reduced to 7 days, thus making him day-to-day and able to play game 1.

Other example, at the start of round 1, Bryant Baker is injured for 20 days. His injury is not reduced. But at the start of round 2, his injury is now down to 9 days. At that point, his injury will be reduced to 7 days.

Final example, Deji Doodoo gets hurt round one for 18 days. At the start of round two he is at 13 days, that injury will then be lowered to 7 days.

The reason for this is pretty straight forward and realistic. Players are more likely to play through injuries in the playoffs. What this accomplishes is allowing players in the game to become D2D at start of rounds. Their play will still be hindered by the injury, but you won't need to create a wonky game plan in order to maybe fit them in later in the series.

Please vote ahead and as always, all opinions on this matter are welcome.
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