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November 29, 2020, 05:41:47 am


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2106 Mock Draft

Started by SonicsGM, May 17, 2020, 05:01:19 pm

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May 17, 2020, 05:01:19 pm Last Edit: May 28, 2020, 10:58:49 am by BullsGM
This year the power rankings are damn boring. There is an extremely clear-cut top 6 (everyone currently above 10 +/-), and within that the Pistons seem to have a solid vice grip on the league. So instead of reiterating my last power rankings article again, I figured I'd try out a new content format. Introducing your RBSL 2106 Mock Draft. LASA might give you a number but numbers are useless without a fresh hot take to match it with. Using current draft standings:

1.   Heat: Harold Allen (Player Comparison: Mountain Man)
The biggest no brainer in the world. Although if I were Jake and I got Hallen I would seriously consider shopping Benz/Lawson while they still have some mystique to them, as 3 top big men prospects is probably overkill and won't make a super winning team.

2.   Grizzlies:  Eric Wu (Player Comparison: DeAndre Ayton)
Trade Prediction: Grizzlies trade picks 3, 7, 13, 14 to Celtics for Pick 2.

While the absurdity of Harold Allen is a disgrace to the game of basketball, Eric Wu will still torment 29 other teams for the next 15 years. 7-3, A JMP, and A potential in all 3 key big men categories. This is a generational player hiding amongst a draft of insane color-bait. Adam is all about locking up a guy he can commit to for a decade, and while no one will trade out of the 1 spot, I think Adam would likely offer a kings ransom to get a shot at Wu.

3.   Celtics: Robert Joyce (Player Comparison: Jackie Martinez)
Gasper has been a lot more fluid of a GM, not committing to individual guys, so trading down for multiple picks makes sense just as far as going for pure overall talent. Joyce is no slouch, tall enough to play 1-3, athletic, and enough potentials to project as a potential 25+ PPG scorer while playing good D, this would be an acceptable #1 pick in most drafts.

4.   Kings: Stephen Curtis (Player Comparison: Frankie Lenz)
6-0 PGs are a tough pill to swallow in what seems to be a height-driven league, but beyond that Curtis looks amazing. Unlike the recent generational PG teases of late (Wyatt McCarthy, Colin Kolb, Coby White), Curtis already looks like a capable score-first guard, and only 2-3 years away from superstar status. The lower risk helps mitigate the size concerns and is a good fit for the new outside scoring and stealsy Vaught/Ruiz combo.

5.   Bulls: Lazaro Brown (Player Comparison: Jarred Nicely)
Max is certainly a disciple of height, and so I think Lazaro is the natural fit for him. Despite some athleticism concerns, Lazaro looks like a potential dollar-store Guo, with rock solid guard skills despite being 6-6. In addition, Max is assured to tank again next year so drafting an orange guy isn't the biggest issue for him.

6.   Pacers: Saturnino Gibernau (Player Comparison: Ja Morant)
Some would probably consider Gibs dropping this far to be unlikely considering the hype he's gotten as a prospect, but I think a lot of the early pickers here are heavily against anyone who is 6-1 as a top pick. Gibs is a great all-around PG prospect but is missing the A Pots here and there to really be a future all-RBSL kind of player.

7.   Celtics: Erasmo Evans (Player Comparison: Timothy Townsend)
Evans looks to be a great glue guy. All the right attributes to be a 1-4 type of defender, and good enough at everything to manage on offense as well, I think Gasper will likely love Evans as a target for his 2nd pick because of the flexibility he provides to a squad with so many unknowns.

8.   Rockets: Dino Carter (Player Comparison: Everett Talley)
This is an awkward place in the draft to be. At this point the potential talent level is still high, but the risk increases substantially. From a potential's perspective, Dino Carter is a damn near on the level of Stephen Curtis, but the main issue is he is a whole letter grade worse to start off with in most key areas. Still Bryant just started his tankathon, so a young guy like Dino who needs time to grow fits perfectly.

9.   Bulls: Dewitt Taylor (Player Comparison: Marquesse Chriss)
Dewitt is one of the new-wave 3pt shooting PF prototypes Dave has been pumping out recently, and he looks to be a solid one. He's got the size, athleticism, and skills to potentially be a two-way problem. His offense is questionable though, as if he never goes above B- 3pt he's likely just a solid defensive guy. Now that Banner is gone though Max is probably looking for someone as a potential long-term big man option, and Dewitt is the only choice at this position.

10.   Hornets: Michael Carroll (Player Comparison: RJ Barrett)
Carroll is the final blue player off the board, and he's a bit of an ugly one. The size and athleticism are solid, but the potentials pan out to a classic 50% TS SG who probably takes too many shots for his own good. Combined with being 22 on draft day, Carroll isn't trash by any means, but he's got plenty of red flags.

11.   TWolves: Squirrely Dan (Player Comparison: Rodney Chambless)
Kile is the king of the inside game, and Squirrely Dan is an ideal SG for that scheme. Good free throws, good INS, great JMP, this is a guy who could easily be the next JDink with a +TC. He's limited defensively and and can't shoot but that's beside the point and this would be great value for a team already in serious championship contention.

12.   Bulls: Ogunsanawo Babangide (Player Comparison: Noe Brown)
At this point the glamor of the 06 draft is beginning to fade. Oguns is the last pick who isn't critically flawed in some way. He pans out as an acceptable PG starter who has absolutely nothing except the critical PG potentials. His FT could be a huge problem, but he has a very real possibility to be a 3:1 A/TO guy which is a rarity.

13.   Celtics: Austin Pecker (Player Comparison: Eric Paschall)
When all is said and done and we look back 8 years from now, I wouldn't be particularly surprised to see Pecker putting up 20 PPG. 6-8 with A 3PT potential alone will get you 80% of the way there without even going to his acceptable INS/JPS/STR. But with 3 F's and a D for his defensive potentials with a D PF rating, Pecker is a classic example of a player who puts a ceiling on a team, and for that reason I think he'll be avoided at the top of the draft.

14.   Celtics: Richard Hill (Player Comparison: Ezra German)
Richard Hill looks like a shitty prospect. Red/Yellow, unathletic, a bit fouly. But 7-2 big men with A PSD/BLK are always an asset, especially given the lack of younger ones in the league. He really needs a +TC to become anything more than a defensive specialist, but to be fair we've seen the power of defensive specialist big men, so I think Hill is worth the flier at 14.


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