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November 29, 2020, 03:42:39 am


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Get FBB3 on MAC with a VM

Started by SunsGM, May 04, 2020, 02:22:45 pm

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Over the past few years we have had a lot of GMs joining the league who use Mac. As we all know or will learn soon enough FBB3 is a windows only software. So for most the leagues Mac users we run FBB3 on random windows computers that we have laying around. Still this may not be everybody so I decided it was time to have a comprehensive way written down on how to get FBB3 running on Mac. Spoiler Alert: We never really get it running on Mac. We just install a Windows VM on Mac and run it there. While VMs can seem intimidating they are pretty easy to set up and the method I present here is totally free.

If you are using this and have questions feel free to message me (Ed/SunsGM) in WhatsApp.

Lets dive right in!

1. Download and install VirtualBox at https://www.virtualbox.org/
   - Yes the website looks old but this is one of the best free virtualization packages around and it is owned by
   - If you want to spend money then I highly recommend getting Parallels for Mac. It is the best parallel desktop
          software around.

2. Download the Windows 10 ISO File from https://www.microsoft.com/en-us/software-download/windows10ISO
   - Pay attention to the version you download. Highly recommend downloading the 64-bit. Why we still bother
          with 32 bit is beyond me.
   - This is basically a copy of the OS that the VM will use.
   - This is a big file (4.4 GB)
   - I recommend storing this on an external or flash drive. The VM will run slower but you will save a lot of space
          on you hard disk.

3. Open Virtual Box and configure a VM
   - Click New
   - Give the VM any name you desire
   - For type make sure Microsoft Windows is selected
   - For Version select Windows 10 (64-bit). Unless you downloaded 32-bit, which in that case just leave.
   - Click Continue

4. Select Memory size for virtual machine.
   - I recommend you just leave it at the default.
   - You can lower it if you like since this will only be running fbb3.

5. Create a virtual hard disk and proceed with the default settings.
   - Have VDI as the type
   - Make sure you have dynamic allocation selected. This will save actual disk space.
   - You can just keep the size at 50 GB. You can lower it a bit but be careful because even though this will only be
          for fbb3 the virtual disk still needs enough space for the OS.

6. Click Create and you should have a new windows virtual machine appear in the VirtualBox Manager.

7. Select your VM and press start.
   - Once the VM launches it will ask you to specify a disk file.
   - Basically, you created a VM that can run Windows, but you need to give it Windows.

8. Click the folder icon next to the drop down on the prompt
   - Navigate to wherever you stored the Windows 10 ISO file you downloaded and select it
   - Click continue

9. Follow the Windows installation steps
   - Just say you don?t have an activation key when asked. It will just watermark your desktop but still give you
          full functionality.
   - I install Windows 10 Home

10. Select Custom Install
   - Required when installing from ISO
   - You will only have one option on where to install windows (your virtual hard drive)

11. Once windows is installed open a web browser in your virtual machine.
   - Proceed to http://rbslforums.phillyarena.net/index.php?topic=18773.0 and install fbb3 like normally but now
          you will do it on the VM!

Note: Pay attention to the statuses of you VM when you exit the VM. You might have exited the virtual desktop but the VM could still be running. Also if you terminate the VM it won?t delete the whole OS and everything you have stored in it, but it will delete any thing you haven?t saved. You will get use to it after experiencing how virtual box works first hand.

Congrats! Now using your handy dandy virtual machine you can run FBB3 on you Mac! Well sort of. You are running FBB3 in a virtualized windows OS that is sitting on top of the OS X kernel. Still this is the easiest and best free solution I could come up with. Its not the prettiest but hopefully it will help some people out there.