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October 27, 2020, 01:12:54 pm


SMF - Just Found the News Section and How to Change This Headline!

2104-05 Coaching Points Thread

Started by WolvesGM, April 24, 2020, 07:54:00 am

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April 24, 2020, 07:54:00 am Last Edit: May 25, 2020, 07:29:25 am by WolvesGM
Clippers +10 PRD
Wizards +5 GM Scouting Potential
Rockets +5 SHT, +5 PSD
Wolves+5 SHT, +5 PRD

Pistons +5 SHT
Suns +5 PSD
Hawks +5 HND
Bulls (at GM + coaching limit) NO CHANGE
Sixers +5 PSD
Magic +5 SHT
Bucks +5 PSD
Hornets +5 SHT
Nets +5 SHT
Pelicans +5 SHT
Nuggets +5 SHT
Spurs +5 SHT
Warriors +5 SHT
Celtics +5 HND
Thunder +5 PRD


Raptors -5 SHT
Blazers -5 PSD

Grizzlies -5 SHT, -5 PSD
Kings -10 PSD
Heat -10 PRD

Coaching Point System

Make Playoffs AND 60+ Wins = +10 Points
Make Playoffs OR .500 Record or Better = +5 Points
Miss playoffs with 31 to 40 Wins = No Change
Miss Playoffs and 20-30 Wins = -5 Points
Miss Playoffs and Under 20 Wins = -10 Points

Biggest increase in win total from previous year, while making playoffs results in an additional +5 coaching points (Must have been out of playoffs for 2 consecutive seasons to receive the additional +5)

Other Recent Amendments:

Coaches (not total, just the Head Coach of the team) will be capped at 350 points
    GM plus Coach will be capped at 500 points
    New GMs will have a 2-year protection on the downward side

The coach cap number is set because that is where the highest current coach currently is. Meaning, The Bulls coach can't get any better after this past season's results.

The GM cap number is set at a round number of 500 as to allow minimal further growth for the top current teams.

The downward protection for new GMs should aid in the issue of taking over what is usually a bad team and not being able to tank and make it the team you want. However, new GMs will be able to increase their coach/GM right off the bat. There is no upward restriction.
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