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June 02, 2020, 12:29:07 am


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Renaming 2106 Draftees (2104-05 Conference Finalists)

Started by BullsGM, April 21, 2020, 01:13:43 pm

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Conference champions from the 2104/2105 Season will rename draftees in the 2106 draft class (found here: 2106 Draft Class)

Keep in mind, you cannot change the name of any Blue potential player nor a son of a former player (If applicable).

2103-04 Conference Finalists:
Clippers -
Nuggets -
Pistons -
Bulls - Carl Puckett will be Austin Pecker
2096, 2098, 2099 and 2100 RBSL CHAMPION


Bulls rename Carl Puckett to Austin Pecker in honor of former Heat GM Austin

Hailing from Stockton, NJ and graduate of American University
2096, 2098, 2099 and 2100 RBSL CHAMPION

PistonsGM Johney

Pistons rename Milorad Božin to Luka Lakovič.

Please change nationality to Slovenia, birthplace Ljubljana.


Nuggets rename Herman Wilson to Eric Wu.

Born in Forks, WA and went to college at Julliard.


Oren Reno is now Squirrely Dan from Letterkenny, Ontario
Kyle "Doc" - Clippers GM
LA Scouting Agency Founder
'Under New Management' Podcast Speaker