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2085 FA Day 1 Analysis

Started by HawksGM, May 05, 2019, 11:20:22 pm

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May 05, 2019, 11:20:22 pm Last Edit: May 13, 2019, 12:42:50 pm by BullsGM
Quite an eventful Day 1-3 for the 2085 FA class. I'll be talking a little about each signing: what the contract is like money-wise, the outlook in the later years, what the signing means for the team's immediate outlook, and some extra tid bits if I feel like it.

The New Orleans Pelicans sign Tony Brown for 86 million over 4 years, no options

Before going into the contract and what the signing means for the Pelicans, let's look at what it means for the Rockets first and the implications. The fact that the Pelicans signed Tony to a standard out of rookie contract max for four years means that the Rockets may not have offered the five year full max as some suspected he would receive. Obviously I could be wrong however, but with loyalty C+, Play for Winner C, Greed A-, should the five year max been offered there was a 95% chance he would have signed with the Rockets. What does this mean for the Rockets? More cap flexibility for them, both Bakers and the incoming Zhaire Smith get more minutes throughout the season.

Now let's look from the Pelicans side. We start with the contract. That's a lot of money in my opinion for a player who put up 12.6ppg on sub .530 true shooting -> lacking efficiency and not a defender at the all-league level. With that said, he's locked in for the majority of his prime and will be a great addition to the young Pelicans squad. Despite lacking semblance of point guard skills, he will fill in nicely with Ryan Ard, Bamba, Wilson for the starting lineup. At age 29 in his last year of the contract, I assume he will have improved to probably a 20ppg on great efficiency by that point so in all means, not a bad contract at all.

The Pelicans still have ~18 million in cap space left, so with the Tony Brown signing they have a decent shot at hitting the lower echelon of the West playoff teams.

Phoenix Suns sign Yanick Decourchelle for 105 million over 4 years

From the Bucks side first, since they lost him. Seeing the money he got, it might be best that the Bucks lost Yanick here. Collins just got paid (will discuss that later), and the Yanick + Collins iteration of the team just wasn't working the past two seasons. Blame the other players too, but with MVP level talent in 30ppg John Collins and a seemingly very solid supporting squad resulted in 44 wins and 46 wins the past two years? Not too hot. So there's some changes to be made, and Yanick's departure is one I guess.

For the Suns. That's a gigantic contract. But probably well deserved, seeing as there were definitely other big offers and Yanick is a comparable player to Jonathan Isaac who is making 26 million this season (comparable as in similar profile - Isaac has better stealing and blocking, but Yanick is much more efficient on the scoring end). With the Suns being officially soft-capped now, they still have 20 million in space to sign a crap ton of minimums over the next few years to round out the roster.

Fit and play wise? Firstly, it all depends on if the Suns are able to sign Alfredo Adams in the next FA sim. Should that be pulled off, a Potter - Adams - Decourchelle front court is terrifying, and better than whatever core that the Suns ran with the past few years. But unfortunately, signing Adams will cost $$, leaving little or no room for minimums - meaning Ed will need to make some moves to hit at least 9 players. If the Suns don't resign Sauce? Then the starting lineup will likely be Vaughan - Fairfield - Potter - Decourchelle - Hartenstein. Which is fine but lacks scoring punch. In either case, a good signing for the Suns immediately and looking ahead into the future as well. Yanick was going to be paid by someone anyways.

The Dallas Mavericks sign Randal Mandel for 103 million over 4 years

What does this mean for the Magic? Nothing really, they're already hard-capped anyways. There would have been a non-zero chance that Chris was able to flip him since FA tax doesn't apply for resignings, but really Mandel's departure was not that unexpected.

For the Mavericks. This was a very key, and frankly, an utterly necessary signing. The Mavericks have been in trouble for more than a decade, with no > 45 win season in fbb3. Their coach is among the worst in the league in terms of coaching points, and they're going to need to start winning to start restoring it and developing their younger players. Mandal is a perfect fit with newly drafted Fletcher Steele and Mickey Johnson - forming a trio capable of high motion offense. With Coward, Moore, and Simmers on the roster as well, this is a team capable of winning probably ~30 games.

The fact is, 103 million is a big investment so hopefully it pays off. The Mavericks have assets to work with, and 20 million in space to sign minimums or make moves, so further moves to try and make the playoffs are expected. If not, I'm afraid we will probably see the Mavericks out of the playoffs and losing coaching points once again. The league in both conferences is awfully competitive right now.

Shorter write-ups starting here since they are resignings

The Oklahoma City Thunder re-sign Mikhail Krukov for 115 million over 5 years

This is huge, and frankly, unexpected for me. Despite his colours, Krukov still kind of sucks. Last season, he put up 12.9p/2.9r/3.1a in 27 minutes. Hmm, that don't sound too bad. But then you get to his shooting/efficiency and you cannot help but be a tad worried. Last season his true shooting was .458 and 0.97 points per shot. Amongst the bottom echelon of the league considering volume.

Yet, it's not a huge issue for the Thunder. With Ayton, Rosemond, and Bridges still on their rookie contracts, this is very fine. At least for this year. This Krukov contract is obviously large yes, but there is a decent chance of Krukov exploding soon, maybe even this season. It's really his shooting and efficiency that just needs to improve now, since his defense and playmaking is technically there already. He is now locked for five (four TO) years, meaning the Thunder have him for the good majority of his prime. He may indeed prove to be a huge part of the team and a major contributor for deep playoff runs starting this year.

In terms of finances, the Thunder will need to do some juggling over the next few years because of this contract. Assuming no bargain, generous extension offers from Ayton and Rosemond, both will be supermaxed. This will leave room for vet minimums to fill the rest of the roster, but overall will result in significantly less depth than previous years. Bridges may also get paid next free agency, a key piece in the Thunder's success in recent years. We must also consider the possibility of Krukov not showing immediate improvement, leaving the option to simply trade him for assets. Because a 25/26 year old guard with all-star two way potentials will definitely garner interest around the league.

The Utah Jazz re-sign Stanley Albrecht for 132 million over 5 years

No surprises, entirely expected, well-deserved. That's really all I have to say. He's such a huge huge part of the Jazz's scheme and success that they did really have to pay to keep him, or risk compromising their team. They do have significantly less flexibility now obviously because of the size of the contract, but Pom does Pom dynasty things so yeah - little worries there.

The Milwaukee Bucks re-sign John Collins for 138 million over 5 years

It truly is unfortunate that the Bucks were able to put it together for deep playoff runs the past three years. They had a good team - great team really, on paper. Now with Collins on the supermax, the team has limited flexibility and must now macro-micro manage much much better in order to have successful seasons. Someone was going to max him, so the supermax was necessary to keep him.

The Memphis Grizzlies re-sign Malik Monk for 138 million over 5 years

Similar story to Albrecht here = less flexibility but entirely deserved / expected contract. This signing keeps the Monk - Buckner - Miller core together, with the hopes that Baker can improve and join that trio to form a nice little 60 win quartet. 

In hindsight, this should be in the News Articles section. Whatever
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Love the Brown signing. Expecting him to breakout.


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