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Author Topic: Team Bank Rules 2.0  (Read 479 times)

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Team Bank Rules 2.0
« on: May 02, 2019, 12:23:09 PM »

7. Team Bank
7.1 Earning TBD

Articles*   ~100-300
Full Attendance in off-season**   150
Improving by 5 wins from last year   50
Improving by 10 wins from last year   75
Improving by 15+ wins from last year   100
Improving the most from last year   100
Making the playoffs***   100
Making the playoffs after missing the previous season   25
Making it past Round 1   10
Making it past Round 2   25
Making it to the Finals   50
Winning the championship   100
Making the all-star team:   25
Winning MVP at the all-star game:   25
GMOY   100
MVP   100
DPOY   75
ROY   75
6th Man   40
MIP   40
1st Team   50
2nd Team   30
3rd Team   20
1st Team D   40
2nd Team D   25
1st Team Rook   30
2nd Team Rook   15

* Exact # depends on length, time put in, creativity, etc. at the banker's discretion. Subject to review by the commish. Please no arguments over article payouts. TBD may be added at several points during the regular season but is usually done in the off-season.

** Getting full attendance in the offseason involves submitting every pick you own, as well as participating in free agency. If you just want the computer to draft for you, you have to PM me to let me know so that I can mark your attendance.

*** All playoff rewards are additive. For example, you get $285 for winning the championship.

TBD will automatically be applied to your account by the banker.  No need to post it.

TBD can also be traded from team to team (ALTHOUGH LOANS ARE NOT ALLOWED).

7.2 Spending TBD

7.2.1 Contract reduction - takes last year(s) off the book
Take the amount of salary you want to cut. You pay $500 TBD for 1st 5 million, $75 each million after (rounded to the nearest million).
E.g. you want to cut 10.3m in salary. You round it to 10m, pay $500 TBD for first 5 million, and then $75 x 5 (since 5 remaining) = 875 TBD

You can't reduce a contract so that it has no years left on it.  Basically, the maximum you can reduce a contract to is so that it is expiring.

7.2.2 Extend a Player's Contract by One Year

1000 TBD - Extend a player's Contract by One year. The value of that one-year extension shall be equal to the one-year maximum contract the player may be offered under the league rules (as determined by the program).
A contract extended this way may only be extended once per contract.

This rule goes into effect at the end of the 2091 Free Agency period and will not apply to contracts signed prior to that time, including Rookie Contracts, Free Agency Contracts, and Contract Extensions. Contracts signed prior to that time will still be governed by the old TBD Extension system, which can be found below:

Old rules:
final year salary from 332,000 to 1,499,999 .............. $600
final year salary from 1,500,000 to 5,999,999.......... $1000
final year salary from 6,000,000 to max................ $1500
Price also applies to converting a Player option to a regular, default salary

- A non-rookie extension is a 20% increase from the last salary
- A rookie extension is double the last year's salary
- You can extend a contract once per contract, for one year.
- You cannot extend players on MLE exceptions
- You cannot extend players after converting player options to regular salaries.
- You cannot extend players who were signed off free agency during the season

7.2.3 Change a Player's Personality Ratings
Personality ratings can be found under the Contract dropdown of a player's page in the program, and impact free agency and extensions.

Loyalty increase by 10   200
Greed Decrease by 10   200
Play for winner decrease by 10   50
Play for winner increase by 10    200

We only see a letter grade of the attributes, but the commish changes the actual number on the back-end (min 0, max 100). The commish will work with you if you are trying to min or max a value.

7.2.3 Purchase a Trade Exception (TPE)
Trade exceptions can be used to remove some of the restrictions on player trades. Some restrictions are non-removable by these exceptions.

Can remove: salary restriction, 60-day restriction
Cannot remove: Same-year reacquisition restriction, newly-signed FA tax

An exception removes restrictions on a per-player basis, and salary on a per-trade basis. For example, if a trade involves three players that fall within the 60-day restriction and salaries do not match, four total TPEs would be required to remove all restrictions.

7.2.4 Resetting/rearranging Coaching Points
TBD can be used to reset or rearrange the coaching attributes covered in section 4.6.

Firing a Coach: 5000 TBD
Rearranging a Coach's Attributes: 2000 TBD

7.2.5 Miscellaneous Uses
TBD can be traded from team to team, although loans are not allowed.

TBD can be used for various other activities such as in-season bets.

7.2.6 Negative TBD Balances
When the bank is updated, any teams showing a negative balance can no longer spend TBD.  You may spend TBD again whenever the next TBD update is completed (and your account is positive).

In addition to the above, you get fined the same amount you are negative (minimum 250 TBD).

Ex: The bank is updated, and the Magic are -100 TBD.  They get a 250 TBD fine, so their balance now reads -350.  They cannot spend TBD until the next update happens, and their balance is positive.

Ex: The bank is updated, and the Celtics are -1500 TBD.  The Celtics get fined 1500 TBD, so their balance now reads -3000. They cannot spend TBD until the next update happens, and their balance is positive.

Once you are fined in this matter, you cannot be fined again until after you have worked your way off the black list and are back to a positive balance again (no cumulative effect and/or double jeopardy for the same initial TBD offense).

7.2.7 Bank Processes
The bank can be updated at any time but generally happens during the off-season. When spending TBD, all purchases must be submitted in that seasons' bank thread by the end of the playoffs. Changes are made in the transition between seasons and ALSO prior to sim 2 for any spending related to player salaries or personality (this is done for the purpose of player extension offers).
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