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November 26, 2020, 05:25:43 pm


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2098-99 Coaching Points Thread

Started by WolvesGM, October 06, 2019, 09:00:32 am

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October 06, 2019, 09:00:32 am Last Edit: October 13, 2019, 11:48:44 am by WolvesGM
+10 Points
Bulls: +10 PSD
Grizzlies: +10 PSD
Thunder: +10 SHT
Celtics: +5 HND, +5 INS
Clippers: +10 SHT
Pelicans: +5 PRD, +5 HND
Wolves: +10 INS
Heat: +10 SHT

+5 Points
Wizards: +5 PRD
Pacers: +5 SHT
Lakers: +5 INS
Rockets: Lock & Reset(NEW GM)
Hawks: +5 INS
Hornets: +5 HND
Jazz: Lock & reset(NEW GM)

No Change

-5 Points
Magic: -5 HND
Kings: -5 HND
Raptors: -5 SHT
Spurs: -5 POT
Nuggets: -5 POT
Suns: -5 POT

-10 Points
Bucks: Lock & Reset (NO GM)
Blazers: -10 PrD
Mavs: -5 PSD, -5 PRD
Pistons: -5 CUR, -5 POT


The coaching point system in the RBSL is meant to reward teams for performing and managing well and punish teams for the opposite. This is evident in the NBA. Stronger culture and better managed teams such as the Golden State Warriors tend to have better coaches and better player development. Meanwhile, teams like the Phoenix Suns suffer and I shall not go into that any further.

As such, the coaching point system exists. When a team qualifies for the RBSL playoffs, then their team should reap the benefits of playoff experience, playoff money/sales, and player development. As such, the following boosts/detriments are granted to teams per the following for coaching attributes, where W is a team's win total for a season:
-(W<20, less than 20 wins), does not qualify for playoffs = -10 to one attribute or -5 to two different attributes
-(20<W<35, at least 20 wins, less than 35 wins), does not qualify for playoffs = -5 to one attribute
-(W<55, less than 55 wins), qualify for playoffs = +5 to one attribute
-(W>55, at least 55 wins), qualify for playoffs = +10 to one attribute or +5 to two different attributes

Coaching attributes are numerical values, with the original/base value being 50. Coaching attributes (scouting, inside, etc) do not have an upper limit. They can be increased as much as the GM wants. There is also no lower limit, but two exceptions: scouting current and scouting potential cannot be lowered more than once (-5, or 65, 70 is the average for scouts). This is because the html has its own scout that many GMs use extensively (or should, as it is the universal scout). As such, it makes little sense to allow GMs to endlessly decrease their scouting as then the system would have little impact.

On the first attempt to violate this lower limit scouting rule, the GMs will be forced to change their selection prior to running TC - failure to do so will result in the commish randomly choosing another valid attribute. On further attempts in future seasons, the GM will incur a further -5 penalty (ie. from -5 to -10, or -10 to -15).

Failure to select coaching changes is not a major issue, but would be in the GMs best interest to select to fit their team and future. Upon failure to select by TC, the commish will randomly select or lower their highest attribute, up to the commish's discretion.

You can fire your coach to reset him (each stat to 50) for 5000TBD. You can reshuffle all your coaching points for 2000TBD (still cannot violate the scouting attribute rule).

Once a coach reaches 400 points total (sum of all stats), then the scheme becomes like the following:
-(W>55, at least 55 wins), qualify for playoffs, +5
-(45<W<55, at least 45 wins, less than 55 wins), does not/qualify for playoffs, no change
-(35<W<45, at least 35 wins, less than 45 wins), -5
-(20<W<35, at least 20 wins, less than 35 wins), -10
-(20<W, less than 20 wins), -20

This is a re-publication of the coaching system rule to our new/current website, with minor changes. As such, this will be implemented immediately with this 2096-2097 season/ 2097 training camp (next TC). You can expect a table that includes every team's coaching attributes (numerical values) to assist in following the system each season in a few days (thanks again to Max, cocommish).
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October 07, 2019, 06:52:47 am #3 Last Edit: October 08, 2019, 02:09:21 pm by LakersGM
+5 INS please



Spurs GM

PistonsGM Johney

- 5 Scouting Current
- 5 Scouting Potential


-5 POT. I believe I already took the hit to CUR


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