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December 01, 2021, 06:48:05 pm


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News Articles / 2123 GM's Choice nominations
October 05, 2021, 05:25:09 pm
The usual MVP, DPOY, ROY(although I think we all know who it'll be), 6MOTY and MIP would be greatly appreciated for nominations. First team all pro at C, Forward, and Guard as well.
Draft Board / Re: 2124 Prospect Renames
October 01, 2021, 10:42:09 am
Vern Jackson renamed to
David S Pumpkins
From Halloweentown
No college
Processed Trades / [1] Warriors - Timberwolves
September 26, 2021, 02:58:41 pm
Warriors receive:
Andrew Boucher

Timberwolves Receive:
Chris Gupta
GSW 26 second
News Articles / THE 2122 GM's Choice Awards
September 23, 2021, 01:08:39 pm
It's that time of year and it's back! I am sadly your host (and your current champion) to go on some wild rides this GM's choice. I am sorry there is no pictures on this thread. I'll just attach a video in the WA chat. Suck it, Doc.

Firstly I'd like to go over and thank our voter by saying their demographics.
We had 5 of 15 GMs from the East vote, and 11 of 14 from the West! Even Jesus voted!

6th Man of the Year
Our first award is 6th man of the year!
Our runner up, with 25% of the votes is Ed Brown of the Minnesota Timberwolves who did have a pretty good season, but not good enough to top our winner, Jerry Orman of the Utah Jazz who accumulated 44% of the votes! Conga rats to Jerold! Shame you got swept in the finals, but hey I'm sure you'd take that instead of the whole Isidoro Erosa thing..

Most Improved Player
In this award we had a tie for both the runner up and victor.
Our runner ups are Lee Munoz of the Detroit Pistons and Merle Chan of the Rockets who each received 13% of the vote. Both of these players went on revenge tours this past season to show the league that they mean business. Shame the Rockets tanked for the king of Wakanda or they might have actually made playoff buzz. Munoz on the other hand helped lead a stingy Detroit defense in his GM, Janez's last ride where they just fell short after losing to the Magic in the ECF.

Okay onto our winners. With a third of the votes respectively we have Anthony Edwards of the Phoenix Suns and Gregory Thompson of the Wizards! Anthony Edwards put up MVP-like numbers in scoring this past season by leading the league in points per game when his GM, Ed was abducted by aliens and sadly missed the season.. Meanwhile in most of our nation's capital Greg T was sniping all season long! Will he follow in Riley Golden's footsteps and be traded as soon as he's not on a cheap contract? Only time and maybe Brian will tell.

Rookie of the Year
Our first award where someone who was nominated did not receive any votes. Sorry Jacques Johnson of the Clippers. Our runner up however was one of the first nominees for this award, Ed Brown of the Minnesota Timberwolves with 20% of the votes! Ed has now been the runner up for two awards. Get better and maybe you'll win one.

Our victor with 53% of the votes is, you guessed it Juozas Lubinas of the Chicago Bulls! Lubinas spent all season finding giant holes and sloppily penetrating straight through those cracks to score for Chicago. Shame he slipped and got hurt a couple times and cannot make free throws.

Rim Job Protector of the Year
For this award, it finished in a three way tie. Michel Jones of the Orlando Magic, Robert Melendez of the Seattle SS, and Wilford Nichols III of the Orlando Magic, all former teammates all ended with 25% of the votes. How did Ken not win a ring with all three of them?

All-League Center
Kozja Macka won this one. Dominating for his hive.

All-League Forwards
Our first all-league forward requires no introduction for he's your reigning spaghetti MVP and was one vote shy of unanimously becoming all-league center, with 98% of the votes you have Mr. High quality H2O himself, Bobby Boucher of the Warriors! He should still be named Ogukeye Dijeme, but we won't talk about that. As for our second selection at all-league forward there was a tie with Kamil SVATOS of the Cleveland Cavaliers and Daren Geller of the Detroit Pistons receiving 31% of the votes. Geller, who many declare to be a first ballot Hall of Famer and has been a Pistons centerpiece for years will be finding a new home after being waived by the Minnesota Timberwolves today, but that will not stop him from knowing how to put ball in hole. SVATOS on the other hand will be looking at property all around North America this off-season. Many wonder how he'll do in what could possibly be his last ride in Brown Town.

All-League Guards
A much closer race than all-league forwards and center, but nonetheless this award was filled with stars! And Vito Patterson! Our first, besting Sammy White of the Utah Jazz by one vote for the second spot is Kevin 'The Iguana' Anguiano. Once a staple of the Brooklyn Nets, Anguiano has found a very fitting home in Chicago next to Broderick Evans (who is still recovering from when Fred broke his jaw). We all know who Anguiano is. Your other all-league guard with 56% of the vote is Wilford Nichols III! Shame he lost in the finals though. Couldn't handle Kneebo.

First I'll go over who received votes. Kevin Anguiano and Kamil SVATOS both got 12.5% of the votes, but that was not enough. Our runner up, Kozja Macka of the Charlotte Hornets received 18.8% of the votes! Macka popped off last season for the bee boys and many thought had a chance at spaghettis MVP to just be edged out ( ;) ) by your GM's choice MVP in Bobby Boucher! Bobby carried a bottom-tier GM to his first ring this past season and dominated in the playoffs. Those playoffs included a 9 game win streak en route to being like his idol, Captain Insaneo and showing no mercy.

GM of the Year
This one was not very close and yours truly, Jake of the Warriors won with 8 votes (which was over half because Idoine didn't vote for either GM of the year or Coach of the year.) I'm not gonna say anything, but looks like I might be able to evaluate talent, Evan.

Coach of the Year
The award goes to David Ho! Wait, no wrong card that was David Ho's auto insurance business card my b. This one was a bit closer than GM of the year. FOR SECOND PLACE. Adam of the Grizzlies and Janez both received 2 votes while your truly received 8 votes. I got nothing to say really.
Also, Sen RBSL Champion Ronnie "The Logo" White received a vote....?

Other Superlatives
The league almost unanimously gave Zach an award so he couldn't compain and gave Billy Madison of the Seattle SS Most likely to star in a Hollywood movie. Veronica, he thanks you for beating the shit out of him. O'Doyle does not rule, it seems.

For your best bromance the majority of the league chose Vito Patterson and his right hand, going against Alex's ultra sex lord agenda. lmao rip alex.

GMOTY and COTY: Jake, Warriors
6th man: Jerry Orman, Jazz
MIP: Anthony Edwards, Suns and Gregory Thompson, Wiz kids tied
ROTY: lubed anus
DPOY: Wilf tree, melendez, and michel jones all tied
All-league center: lubed anus
All-league forwards: Bobby Boucher and a tie between SVATOS and Geller
All-league guards: Wilf tree and Iguana
MVP: Bobby Boucher
Most likely to star in a movie: Billy Madison
Best Bromance: Vito and his right hand
Processed Trades / [5] warriors - 76ers
September 21, 2021, 11:46:24 am
76ers send
2 teebs

Warriors send:
+5 ins please and thanks
Draft Board / Re: 2123 Draft Board
September 09, 2021, 03:36:16 pm
1. Damon Vogler - 76ers
2. Sofronio Dabino - Celtics
3. Rickey Baldwin - Mavs via Thunder
4. Alfonzo Perez - Bucks
5. Edgar Wilks - Thunder
6. Jason Cartier - Rockets (immediately traded to 76ers, Pippin style)
7. King T'Challa - Rockets (f u bryant, I wanted him)
8. Jungle Jim - Grizzlies
9. Carroll Jordan - Celtics
10. Warren Massey - Knicks
11. William Flores - Lakers
12. Bryan Arroyo - Grizzlies
13. Eric Aguirre - Heat via Bulls
14. Charlie Scott - Rockets
15. Chris Garcia - Pacers
16. Beebo Chad - Pacers
17. Bryce Turner - Celtics
18. Darrell Davis - Grizzlies
19. Tacito Cois - Thunder
20. Francis Porter - Pelicans
21. Michael Howard - Clippers
22. Zrtveni Podstrek - Timberwolves
23. Maynard Nelson - Rockets
24. Mark Gonzalez - Celtics
25. Wyaat Tyson - Celtics
26. Richard Santos - Mavericks
27. Dwight Hill - Hornets
28. Morton Brown - Rockets
29. Doug Hardy - Pelicans
30. Sammie Haskins - Rockets
31. Horace Hunter - Rockets
32. Andrew Gosnell - Bucks
33. Jack Hicks - Rockets
34. Frank Wilmot - Mavericks
35. Antone Forsythe - Pacers
36. Mervin Gaytan - Grizzlies
37. James Fortney - Thunder
38. Dennis Schaaf - Raptors
39. Bradford Nelson - Pacers
Draft Board / 2124 Rename Raffle
September 09, 2021, 03:12:42 pm
One ticket is 1TBD.  Will run after sim 2. One winner per drawing, and if you're a conference finalist in the current season you do not qualify for this event. (minimum purchase is 10 tickets and maximum purchase is 100 tickets)
News Articles / GM’s Choice Nominations
September 08, 2021, 10:42:11 am
If you have anyone you would like to nominate for the typical GM's Choice Awards post them below and I'll take them into consideration :^)
Team Banks / Re: 2122/23 TEAM BANK THREAD
September 01, 2021, 02:53:13 pm
I would please like to TBD extend Bernard Pierce ty
Processed Trades / Re: [1] Washington & Golden State
September 01, 2021, 02:18:04 pm
Quote from: WizardsGM on September 01, 2021, 02:14:15 pmGolden State Receives:
- 300 TBD

Washington Receives:
- Gel Atojus

Washington pays TPE of 500

I'm here for the chaos
Processed Cuts / Signings / Warriors cuts
August 22, 2021, 09:14:55 pm
Eric Wu
Rodrick Atwell
Chris Thacker
Lewis Moore
Leroy Spencer
DeColdest Crawford
Dave Hall
Calvin Hobbes
Processed Trades / Re: [3] Warriors - Bulls
August 19, 2021, 11:44:02 am
Quote from: BullsGM on August 19, 2021, 11:43:37 amWarriors Receive:
69 TBD

Bulls Receive:
Larry Miller

Bulls pay tax

Yessir trees
+5 INS