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September 27, 2021, 01:15:53 pm


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Processed Trades / [7] Thunder - Sonics
September 23, 2021, 08:23:15 am
Thunder Send:
Josh Green
'24 Thunder and Warriors 2nds

Sonics Send:
Jesse Beasley
Processed Cuts / Signings / Thunder Cuts
September 20, 2021, 11:17:24 pm
Thunder cut August Benz
Processed Trades / [2] Thunder - Bulls
September 09, 2021, 02:05:21 pm
Thunder Send:

2123 #22 Pick via Cavs

Bulls Send:
Kira Lewis
Processed Trades / [1] Thunder - Mavs
September 09, 2021, 01:57:40 pm
Thunder send:
#2123 #3 Pick

Mavs Send:
2123 #5 Pick
2123 #19 Pick
2125 1st Round Pick
Thunder Cut Manuel Meyer to get to 15 - Thanks!
Processed Trades / [1] - Thunder - Cavs
August 23, 2021, 02:39:50 pm
Thunder send:
Del Hunter

Cavs send:
August Benz
Manuel Meyer
Cavs '23 1st
Processed Trades / [3] Heat - Thunder
August 19, 2021, 11:10:46 am
Thunder send:
Rusty Nichols
Tommy Sosa

Heat send:
Sylvester Moore
Joshua Lopez
News Articles / 2121 Playoff Preview!
August 09, 2021, 11:54:46 am
Playoff Preview

Hello Everyone! I wanted to take a departure from the milk toast draft rankings this year to rank everyone in the playoffs by how fun of a champion they are for the league. Will we see a new villain emerge? Will the era of old rise again to win a title in the modern era? Will Janez the machine methodically destroys us once again? Going from 16 to 1, here we go:

16 ) Tim Hornets GM - Sorry, Tim. There are no true losers here , you're all worthy playoff teams, but I just don't see a ton of juice coming from a Hornets title. This would likely require some catastrophic injuries and wouldn't garner too much debate in the group. Though seeing anyone who is regularly attacked for their luck and misplaying of their luck by Zach/Evan winning a title before them would be electric, you fall to 16 today.

15) Janez Pistons GM - Yawn, Janez wins another title. This is a man v. machine mentaliy for me, and I will vote on the side of man. Janez is a methodical and fantastic team builder, but I can't say he's a particularly interesting champion. Maybe , if was more willing to hop into the chat and talk some shit, but without he falls to the bottom of the table.

14) Ed Suns GM - The profile is very similar here to Tim's below, with the joy of an 8 seed run + the lord of balance lifting Ed to the 14th spot. It would be very fun, but I can't imagine it would have meaningful long term impact on the league.

13) Mantis Spurs GM - The tallest of all of the GMs would be a fun champion and I'm not sure he has one in history which is another fun wrinkle. I think the team and players themselves lack intriguing storylines, and that what lands Mantis near the bottom of this list.

12) Gaspar Celtics GM - After a nearly endless tank, Gaspar has crawled from the depths to back into the playoffs with a young and fun team. His slight and attack on Zach the other day leads me to believe we could also get some fun grave trouncing after a title run, but we haven't seen that in the past. A fine team to win a title, but not one that will drive a ton of discourse.

11) Dan Blazers GM - This would be funny as shit, but the likelihood of it happening with this team is so low that I can't put Dan higher than 11th. Dan has improved immensely as a GM, but this is just not the team. The level of heads exploding if this were to happen is worthy of some slight inflation to the 11th slot.

10) Max Bulls GM -> Max is still looking to cement himself in a post Guo era, and our Commish would generally be a fun champion. I think Max has been holding back some level of heat and disrespect that I would love to see unleashed and it's always fun when the commish is in the mix.

9) Tyler Hawks GM -> Tyler is the definition of "talk quietly and carry a big stick". Seriously speak up, I can't hear you on the video breakdowns. Otherwise Tyler throws some heat around in the group chat every once and awhile that hits hard and the victory tour could bring more flames. An underappreciated shit talker, the Hawks could really stir things up.

8) Kile Wolves GM - Kile who has seemingly stepped away to make more of a commitment to his writing career, just exploded out of nowhere to take our division. Kile is one of my favorite guys in the league and one that helped me as a youth in this league ( I didn't listen, I'm still so so bad) , but as a league favorite I could see a warm reception for another Wolves title. A post Finidi title as well to bolster the top 5 resumes wouldn't hurt either for the overall discourse of the league.

7) Pom Jazz GM - His rise was ineveitable, Pom is here to fuck shit up. Shedding that dirty cheater label and winning in a modern era where people actually give a shit about what is going on would be a nice win for Pom. Getting his title before some of the Gen X GMs (2080-2090 adds) would add another notch in the belt of the boomers and give them more ammo to shit on us millennials.

6) Evan Nuggets GM - Evan has absolutely dominated the baseball league that he set up to dominate for his own self-worth, but  it would be fun to see Zach's sidekick take one home. A team that has been mercilessly drowned with shitty injury and draft luck, I do think this would be a big win for GM talent as opposed to randomness taking over. I think Evan would be more willing to run his mouth a bit with basketball, as baseball is just a walk in the park for him at this point.

5) Jesse Cavs GM - This is where things get realllllly difficult. Jesse riding SVATOS to a title would be amazing for the superstar narrative and lift the SVATOS into the top 5 ever debate. The king of meh would likely no longer be bored and would have the grounds to attack many other members of the chat with vigor. A people's champion indeed.

4) Alex Heat GM - Our 2nd place finisher for potential league villain, an Alex 8 seed title would be explosive for the main chat. He's been beaten down in his return to the league, but still sticks his nose in there and gets in the mud. An all time flame war would begin the second this series ends, this would be fantastic for the league.

3) Ken Magic GM- All things turning up Ken? A post Zion title with a homegrown team would be great for his perception around the league and as a fellow Delconian , I know that Ken will come breathing fire with that victory on his side. The man just bought a house, proposed to his girlfriend, and gets a title in the RBSL.  A realistic people's champion.

2) Jake Warriors GM - Jake has had a lot! (A LOT) of sad and somber days in this league, but has put together one of his best teams ever. His war against his perception as a GM mixed with his own masochism is one we've all lived through. We've felt the exits, we've felt the minus TCs, we've felt the destruction of trades in main chat, it's time for Jake to take the W. For the Trees.

1) Zach Sonics GM - Was there ever going to be another result? Not only would this give Zach the ammo to unleash a fire storm on the league unseen since the Loot Train episode of Game of Thrones, it would also force him to go through an introspection on RANGZ culture. Do RANGZ still not matter when you have one and you get invited into that super fun little group chat? I guess we'll have to see. Nothing is better for the league than a true villain, and one can rise with a Sonics win.

First Round:
Wolves - Suns -> Wolves in 5
Spurs - Jazz -> Jazz in 6
Nuggets - Blazers -> Nuggets in 4
Warriors - Sonics -> Sonics in 7
Magic - Heat -> Magic in 5
Celtics - Bulls -> Celtics in 6
Pistons - Cavs -> Pistons in 7
Hawks - Hornets -> Hawks in 6

2nd Round:
Wolves - Jazz -> Wolves in 6
Nuggets - Sonics -> Nuggets in 6
Magic - Celtics -> Magic in 5
Pistons - Hawks -> Pistons in 5

Semi Finals:
Wolves - Nuggets -> Wolves in 7
Magic - Pistons -> Magic in 6

Wolves - Magic -> Magic in 6
Processed Trades / [2] Thunder - Magic
August 05, 2021, 02:33:19 pm
Thunder Send
Onyeka Okongwu

Magic Send:
Tad Vaughn
200 TBD
Processed Trades / [1] Thunder - Magic
July 26, 2021, 01:30:10 pm
Thunder send: 1 TBD
Magic Send: Junior Lawrence

Thunder pay TPE
Thunder Cut Olin Ramirez, Sign Charles McMillan
Thunder cut Toney Farrell
Processed Trades / [3] - Rockets - Thunder
July 16, 2021, 05:33:08 pm
Thunder send : 18

Rockets send :
Processed Trades / [11] Thunder - Hawks
July 14, 2021, 05:46:25 pm
Thunder Send : 665 TBD

Hawks Send : Tyler Anderson
Processed Trades / [4] Thunder - Wizards
July 08, 2021, 12:49:30 pm
Thunder send:
Nugs '22 1st

Wizards send:
Rusty Nichols
Ranking Articles / 2121 Draft Tiers
July 07, 2021, 04:51:51 pm
I've decided to adapt my format to try to offer a slightly different angle on RSBL drafts going forward, looking at the positional ranking based on current potential and athletic attributes. Instead of playing out ceiling/floor scenarios based on current attributes and the risk associated, I'll look at exactly what these players will look like if their potentials are met. No + TC / - TC will be taken into account for these rankings. This is a particularly weak draft with a whole lot of meh on the back-end for all of us to pick through.
A Rankings:
1.   Sandy Searle - The crown jewel of this draft, Searle has bonkers athleticism that make up for mediocre offensive attributes and could be a great point of attack defender. He should be defensively special, and his athleticism should carry him as an offensive player.

2.   Burton Lee - Tallish, Athletic, and can score, Lee is a prototypical guard who has success in this league. The defense holds him back as a *Superstar*, but he'll be a productive starter for a long time.

3.   Stuart Quick - Quick is one of the two most (spoiler the other is next) enticing high risk prospects in this draft with Red/Blue colors and some awful starting attributes. If (IF!) he fills out , I could certainly see him being the best player in this draft. His blend of offensive and defensive skills mixed with above average athletics show star potential and someone who may be worthy of a swing in a bit of a weak draft. 
A - / B+ Rankings:
1.   Boyce Hall - 6'10 who can shoot the 3 ball! I'm not sure if we've ever had a true stretch big in this league, but Hall has the ability there.  He's solid enough to hold up defensively and could be a fun chess piece to move around your lineup with average handling and such offensive pop. I'm excited to see how he plays out, barring a malus TC.

2.   Michael Thompson - A half trap PG (Am I doing this right), Thompson will survive as a point of attack defender and should excel as true PG offensively. Above average shooting, including an A 3PT, and strong handling and passing Thompson should be a starter in this league if he fills it out.

3.   Eylem Gokce - The Turkish delight, Gokce is a unique chess piece to integrate into a team that already has scoring punch. If you allow Gokce to bring the ball up, play on ball defense, and use his length offensively, he should be a success. He reminds me of IRL Ben Simmons. I wouldn't make him the focal point of an offense at any point, but I believe he's a starter on a winning team.

4.   Emilio Zhili - A nearly ideal outside scheme PG, Zhili lacks the strength and size to get to the basket regularly or defend at the highest level, but he should score and distribute the ball with zeal.

5.   Jeffrey Flourney - The classic bucket of pretty good, but not great stuff SF , Flourney  is your +TC away from being an all-star in this league. He's just one letter grade below this level across the key categories and is worth of the swing because he'll be serviceable regardless. Still, he's a B+ today, with an A on the horizon.
B Rankings:
1.   Melchor Carbonell - Weak offensively, but your classic adult in the room PG. He can control the offense and run a high motion offense and defend his position but won't offer much in terms of prolific scoring.

2.   Charles Hairston - Dime a dozen SG, who scores well and defends well. Worth a lottery pick but doesn't have the ceiling of higher ranked players.

3.   Mauricio Alecrim- Alecrim seems like an ideal 6th man, with offensive firepower met with meh defense. Yes, we're at the 6th man portion of the draft.

B-/C+ Rankings:
A hodgepodge of ok to fine players who will stick has 8th-10th men in this league without a + TC. Some are more interesting then others, but mostly all have fatal flaws that make them purely uninteresting and not worthy of individual attention

1.   Sylvester Moore
2.   Julius Tillman
3.   Winfred Weaver
4.   Moses Cole
5.   Jermaine Shipley
6.   Anselmo Pena
7.   Elden Dulin
8.   Leo Mays
9.   Parker Nelson
10.   Stephen Clark
11.   Derick Hoffman
12.   Jackson Wan
13.   Marty Velez
14.   Robert Thomas
15.   Jae Brown
16.   Gerald Scheel
17.   James Congdon
18.   Henry Campbell
19.   Matthew Allen
20.   Kursat Emin
21.   Tommy Sosa
22.   Gerard Storey
23.   Fidel Regal
24.   Charles Allen
Ranking Articles / 2120 Draft Rankings!
June 16, 2021, 01:25:51 pm
It's been clear skies for awhile now, I've been fresh out of draft picks and interest, but I'm back with the Thunder for another draft rankings. I'm pretty out of practice with these and on a draft that relies on heavily on athleticism foresee myself being a bit off the mark. This draft leans heavily towards the forward position, an abnormality from the standard PG/C splits, which makes it a bit more fun and splashier in my eyes. On any given day, someone is looking for a defensive minded forward and it's one of the scarcer resources in this league, so it's good to see an injection of some talent at the 3-4 swing.

1)   Joseph Wright 6'10 -SF(PG?) - We all have our Kinks and after an era with a 6'4 PF, I find myself batting my eyes at this lean mean handling machine.  The only downside I see here is a defensively average player, who sports a B PRD and C PSD. He easily makes up for that with the combination of quickness, strength, inside scoring and free throw ability. Wright should be a highly efficient player on an inside or balanced offense and hold his own offensively, looking like a Jeremy Barkley clone.

2)   Val Keaton 6'7 SF - The definition of consistency is Keaton, who sports B rankings as far as the eyes can see. When you are above average at a few things, it can hold you back to being considered a top target, but when you're an above average at LITERALLY everything, it's hard to ignore. Keaton feels like a 3rd banana on an already winning team, the Tobias Harris of the RSBL if you will.

3)   Jason Love 6'5 SG - An absolute offensive dynamo, Love has the ability to tilt games with his ability to score with ease. Unfortunately, he's awful defensively and will need to be hidden for the entirety of his career. I don't know if he's someone you spend the rest of your life with, but surely can give you one hell of a night.

4)   Daniel McGriff 6'9 SF- A step below Wright in almost every way, but with quicker hands, McGriff can be an oversized ball handler or a solid fill at the SF position. He's basically a +TC a way from having the ceiling of a Wright, and in my opinion is worth the swing for that upside. Without the +TC you're looking at a rock solid starting forward, which has proved to be a nearly impossible position to fill recently.

5)   Clay Mitchell 6'9 SF - See! Plenty of forwards. Mitchell similarly has the chops to run the offensive of an inside focused team, but I believe will struggle in other schemes. The slightly worse athletic ability is what lands him just below McGriff, but it's very close and I could see myself flipping ahead of draft night.

6)   Jesse Beasley 6'4 SG - Your prototypical solid SG prospect, who feels like the safest selection beyond the top tier. He does everything you want to do from a SG well and will safely slide into a lineup. I have Jack Jackson PTSD (RIP -TC), but Beasley will contribute on winning teams throughout his career.

7)    Woai Zhongguo - A pure athleticsm bet has the attributes do not grade out super highly, but not the defensive liability of someone like Leroy Spencer. With Spencer's success in the league and at 6'10, a good player to tie your horse to.

8)   Daniel Mitchell 6'9 SF/PF - Mitchell pops athletically and then fills out nicely if he hits his potentials as a starting PF. The A PSD with the combination of strength, quickness, and jump at his size project him as a + Defender in this league. The B INS and C FT matter less, as he seems to be more of a low usage defensive chess piece for a contender.

9)   Kenny Jones 6'9 PF - A similarly athletic, slightly worse defender, but better rebounder than Mitchell. I lean defense personally but wouldn't bat an eye if you appreciate the rebounding ability of Jones over Mitchell. Also, sounds like the newest Sax player for the E-Street band.

10)   Kenneth Jackson 6'4 SG - Just look at those As at the key scoring attributes! We love it. Jackson should score and be fine on defense but lacks the destructive offensive upside of a Jason Love. Jackson has the potential to provide less of an impact on better teams than Love, which is really what we are looking for anyway right?

11)   Andrew Boucher 6'9 C  - A bit undersized, Boucher projects as more of a PF than a Center. Like a Mitchell, but further away from his potentials, Boucher feels like a clean fit for a contending team to sit on, wait, block, and get an overpay right after their rooking extension.

12)   Maja Achike 6'4 SG - A bit shoehorned as an INS foc, HT PG , Achike seems like the type of player who gets drafted later in the lottery, but pops more significantly than many of the players drafted lower than him on the list.

13)   Quique Cornejo 6'6! PG - It's rare that the program assigns the PG position off the bat to a player at 6'6 and that is the most intriguing part of Cornejo's profile. He's athletically fine, but impressive defensively and can distribute the ball effectively. He's perhaps the best pure PG in this draft and the size is intriguing. 

14)   Munchy Bane 6'4 PG -Bane has the dreaded F strength with impressive INS and FT attributes, that may trick the eye at first sight. With + athletics otherwise and impressive defensive attributes, I still believe he'll be a contributing player in this league and fan favorite wherever he lands.

15)   Jason Joseph 6'4 SG - A horribly boring name, but he can shoot 3s and play defense. His athletics are almost very interesting, but the D STR launches him to the meh range. A worthy late lotto selection with 6MOTY potential.

16)   Freddy Newton - 7'2 C - Meh quickness is made up for with great jumping and strength, Newton will be a behemoth to deal with in the post. I wish his defense and rebounding were a bit stronger, but a contributing player nonetheless.

17)   Willian Williams 7'3 C - What I wish Newton was from an attributes perspective, but with slightly worse athleticism and tendency to foul. He will be effective in shorter stints of the bench, but I don't necessarily see the starter upside.
Processed Trades / [2] Thunder - Hawks
June 06, 2021, 03:54:32 pm
Thunder Send:
Gel Atojus

Hawks Send:
Benton Glass
Priapus Mantooth
Hawks '22 1st

Split TPE
Thunder Cut Niklaus Barth
Processed Cuts / Signings / Thunder Cut 7 Players
May 02, 2021, 10:17:40 pm
Thunder cut:
Akkayan Togan, Leonard Lee, Charles Ziegler, Joseph Argueta, Davor Jagodnik, Kevin Hardcastle, Kenneth Fussell