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Question: Should teams be allowed to go over the hard cap if they fix it by the next sim?
Option 1: Yes votes: 4
Option 2: No votes: 15
Title: Hard Cap Violation Loophole
Post by: BlazersGM Dave on May 12, 2020, 04:58:54 pm
It has been proposed to me that teams should not be allowed to go over the hard cap during the regular season unless they have another trade agreed upon that brings them below the hard cap in the same sim cycle, and not the next as is currently the rule. This is how the current rule is written:

QuoteThe Hard Cap cannot be broken during the regular season. If at any point during/before (you may make a trade that puts you over the hard cap so long as you rectify that cap situation prior to the next sim by cutting or trading) a simulation you end up over the Hard Cap, the player on your team with the most PPG from this or their previous season will be auctioned off to the highest bidder, as determined by the commissioner, as paid for with TBD, and as afforded by being able to take on the exact salary that that player currently is owed.

A yes vote leaves the present rule un-altered.  A no vote requires a team going over the hard cap in a trade to make subsequent trades during the same sim cycle to keep them within the hard cap rules.  Violations would follow already-established protocols.